Wizard of Oz - 1939
The film is the most watched in history. Getting lost in the story as a child is predictable. Getting lost in the theatrics and nuances of how the character's personalities are mainfested in Dorothy's dream comes with age and multiple viewings. Appreciating the videography considering the limited technology of 1939 is an awakening.

The messages at the end of the production are delivered with humor and sentiment. Never mind the "reality" shows of today. There will never again be a movie of such influence that combines fantasy with ultimate reality. It's encouraging that a film like The Wizard of Oz transcends generations.

"I just watched The Wizard of Oz for the first time and it knocked my socks off."
- anonymous 16 year old, 2011

"I just watched this last night for the first time in a long time. This has got to be one of my favorite movies of all time. The aura just takes me back. I never thought of Wizard of Oz as an old movie, it's just timeless."
- Kyle, 21 years old, 2011

Wizard of Oz Trivia
This tornado scene was cut out of the movie but it's still amazing how realistic they made this look with limited technology in 1939. Simply fantastic.