Personal Legacies
At some point, at some age, we all begin pondering the meaning of life, the reason for being here. For some, it happens around middle age, for others earlier, for others much later, perhaps during failing health. Thoughts on the subject invariably gravitate to religion and spirituality, neither of which are the material for this section.

However, the discussion also tends to meander towards personal legacies and what we're meant to leave behind when we leave. Of course, the easiest answer is our children and likely the main reason for over population. It's not our stance that people should not procreate but we find it a bit troubling when that becomes a person's sole reason for being.

There is so much more to accomplish than simply reproducing. Animals reproduce, we should find a higher meaning to our existence. And the good news is that we believe everyone has something they were put on earth to do, something they were meant to a accomplish and leave behind that improves the quality of existence for future generations ... something that leaves the world a better place in some small way ... that you made a difference. The verse in "Things in Life" that says "I'd like to be a small part of life, with some few things to achieve.  Just to know I've been a fruitless cause, would make my poor heart grieve"  hints at our perspective on this subject.

On a related note about children, there's a book published in 2010, "I Love My Children, I Hate My Life", that discusses some interesting studies about parents and whether children make them happier than their single counterparts. I read a review of the book by a parent that said it's not always about being "happy" but about being "fulfilled". We think that's a very selfish comment, suggesting we bring children into the world to fill our selfish need to be fulfilled. Again, aren't there more meaningful,less selfish, ways to get fulfilled?