Abuse & Addiction
Abuse and addiction are priorities out of whack. The addiction has hijacked your other priorities. If you allow an "addiction" to become your only priority, of course it's going to become a problem, a cancer.

Let's talk about the most common "addiction", "alcoholism". We use quotes because we prefer not to call anything an "addiction". Giving people the addiction label gives them an excuse for their behavior. Nobody has ever died from physically abstaining from drinking booze so it's a choice you make, not an addiction.

By going the AA route, allowing them to label you with a problem,. you admit you're weak and cannot control your choices. Even if you do succeed in abstaining, it does nothing for your self confidence and ability to control your own behavior.

A much better solution to a problem that has taken control of your behavior is to take back the controls. Demonstrating the discipline to control your behavior will raise your self confidence and greatly enhance your frame of mind & general well being.

To overcome your "addiction", start with a list of other things that are priorities for you, or that were priorities before your addiction hijacked them.

Next, set performance goals to engage in these priorities daily. Use the GoalTender goal tracker & be accountable to yourself. Click Here for an explanation.

Son Volt sings about Keith Richards and his "addictions" in "Cocaine and Ashes".