In the last episode of the popular '80s sitcom, Cheers, the characters discuss the meaning of life. Between the humor, you'll find some thought provoking advice on the meaning of life and how to identify your one true love.
The movie by Sean Penn, "Into the Wild", documents the true story of Chris McCandless, an honors grad from Emory University who walked into the Alaskan wilderness in 1992 to find himself outside the confines of estranged family, well-meaning friends and any governing impulse besides his own questing heart. If you read the book and pegged Chris as a wacko narcissist who died out of arrogance and stupidity, then Penn's film version is not for you. If, like Penn, you mourn Chris' tragedy and his judgment errors but also exult in his journey and its spirit of moral inquiry, then this beautiful, wrenching film will take a piece out of you. Eddie Vedder performs the  moving soundtrack for the movie, with "Society" as one of the most mesmerizing tracks.