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Fast Pace Song
NOTES: Songs without hyperlinks have not yet been profiled. If there are links below the indexed song, the song is profiled further on one of the pages of this site and/or on the Music By State sister site.

Bad Company - Bad Company
Bad Company - Shooting Star
Goals Page
Baez, Joan - Love Song to a Stranger - 1972
Ball, Marcia (w/Irma Thompson & Tracy Nelso) - Sing It
Baird, Dan - I Love You Period
Band, The - When I Paint My Masterpiece
Band of Heathens (,
Bare, Bobby (and friends) - 500 Miles Away from Home
Bare, Bobby
best ever narrator between verses
Bare, Bobby - 500 MilesBobby Bare, 500 Miles
Bare, Bobby - Darker Than Light (2012 CD)
Bare, Bobby - Detroit City
Music By State - Michigan
Bare, Bobby - Rosalie's Good Eats Cafe
Friends theme page - we all know people that fit each of the characters
Bare, Bobby - The Winner
Self Esteem/Image PageBelemy Brothers - Old Hippie
Youth & Aging Page
Bare, Bobby - Time
Youth & Aging page
Bare, Bobby Jr. - Visit Me in Nashville
Beach Boys - John B Sloop
Beat Farmers - Gun Sale at the Church
Beetles - Let it Be
Belamy Brothers - Kids of the Baby Boom
Belamy Brothers - Old Hippie
Belamy Brothers - You Ain't Just Whistlin' Dixie
Bentley, Dierks (w/Harley Allen) - I Don't Believe You Met My Baby
Bingham, Ryan - All Choked Up Again - 2010
Bingham, Ryan - Dylan's Hard Rain
Bingham, Ryan - Roadhouse Blues
Bingham, Ryan - The Weary Kind
Bingham, Ryan - Tomorrowland CD (2012)
- Flower Bomb
- Too Deep to Fill
Bingham, Ryan - To Live is to Fly
- Townes Van Zandt song
Blackberry Smoke - Lesson in a Bottle
Black, Mary - Bright Blue Rose
Blondie - One Way Or Another
Abuse/Addiction Page
Blue Oyster Cult - Don't Fear the Reaper
Blue Rodeo - Cynthia
pehnomenal steel & keyboard solos
Blue Rodeo -
"these half finished bottles of inspiration lie like ghosts in my room"
Blue Rodeo
more songs from CD Dan recorded
Boland, Jason - Dark and Dirty Mile - 2013
Boland, Jason - Farmers Luck
Boland, Jason - (many more)
Bonoff, Karla - The Water is Wide - 1979
Boston - More Than a Feeling
Boston - Peace of Mind
Esteem/Image, Goals Pages
Boxmasters (Billy Bob Thorton) - The Poor House
BR5-49 - Opie n' Me
Bread - Everything I Own
Parenting Page
Brooks, Garth - The River
Brooks, Garth - Two Pini Coladas
Brown, Junior - Freeborn Man
Browne, Jackson - (all historic numbers)
Browne, Jackson - Ready or Not
Bruce, Ed - Girls, Women, Ladies
Relationships Page
Bruce, Ed - Last Cowboy Song
Buckley, Jeff - Satisfied Mind
Buffett, Jimmy - Changes in Lattitudes
Buffett, Jimmy - He Went to Paris
Buffett, Jimmy (1973) - I Have Found Me a Home
Buffett, Jimmy - Jimmy Dreams
Theme page - Youth & Aging
Buffett, Jimmy - Pirate Looks at Forty
Buffett, Jimmy - Sending the Old Man Home
Burns, Billy Don - It Would Kill Momma

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