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Fast Pace Song
NOTES: Songs without hyperlinks have not yet been profiled. If there are links below the indexed song, the song is profiled further on one of the pages of this site and/or on the Music By State sister site.

Haggard, Merle - Kern River
Haggard, Merle - Are the Good Times Over for Good
Patriotism Theme Page
Haggard, Merle - Looking for a Place to Fall Apart
Haggard, Merle w/George Jones - Yesterday's Wine
Youth and Agin Page
Haggard, Merle - Rainbow Stew
Patriotism Theme Page
Hall, Tom T - Bill Monroe for Breakfast
Hall, Tom T - Country Is (all in your mind/heart)
Hall, Tom T - Hero in Harlan (2009)
Hall, Tom T - I Hope it Rains at my Funeral
Hall, Tom T - I Like
Hall, Tom T - Letter Home
Hall, Tom T - Pretty Green Hills
Hall, Tom T  - Old Side of Town
Hall, Tom T  - Salute to a Switchblade
Hall, Tom T - Watermellon Wine
Harris, Emmylou Harris (with John Starling) - Beyond the Great Divide
Harris, Emmylou - Born to Run
Harris, Emmylou Harris - Boulder to Birmingham
Music by State - Colorado, Alabama
Harris, Emmylou - C'est La Vie
Harris, Emmylou - Coat of Many Colors
Add to a Theme Page
Harris, Emmylou - Heaven Only Knows
Harris, Emmylou - Jordan (w/Johnny Cash)
Harris, Emmylou Harris/John Prine - Magnolia Wind
Harris, Emmylou - Red Dirt Girl
Harris, Emmylou - Take That Ride
Harris, Emmylou - Two More Bottles of Wine
Head East - Brother Jacob
Helm, Levon w/Emmylou Harris, Evangeline
Music By State - Louisiana
Helm, Levon - Takes a Lot to Laugh
Helm, Levon - Poor Old Dirt Farmer
Henley, Don - Dirty Laundry CD
Henley, Don - Johnny Can't Read
Hess, Clay - Rock Castle County
Hiatt, John - We're Alright Now
Hot Rize - Colleen Malone
Hot Rize - Tenderly Calling
Hughes, Donna - Too Many

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